Advanced Waterproofing

Why should "wet areas" of a structure be waterproofed?

Water is a source of life, without which human life cannot sustain. But for a concrete structure it is one of the most destructive elements. Every concrete structure needs to be protected from the perils of water. We at UniPro Group recognize this. New civil structures need waterproofing from elements, so that it can fully serve it intended service life; Older structures need waterproofing so that leakages which can lead to structural damage can be minimized so that it can continue to serve its useful purpose.

We deploy state of art application methodologies to execute the most advanced waterproofing systems from world class waterproofing manufacturers such as MYK Arment, Asian Paints SmartCare, Zydex Industries, Kerakoll, Sika, BASF – Master Builder and Fosroc, which performs well. Finally with our unmatched service warranties, your investments will be in safe hands!

UniPro Group: Pioneers in unconventional Waterproofing in Kerala and South India.

Conventional waterproofing is passé. Enter unconventional waterproofing.

We are pioneers in unconventional waterproofing and excel in providing a wide array of waterproofing options for residential as well as commercial structures which can result in:

  • Faster construction,
  • Lesser structural loads and
  • Reduction in construction cost.

We are also waterproofing consultants to many real estate developers and Project Management Consultants (PMC) across Kerala for their projects and at various project stages we guide them through the complex waterproofing decisions to be taken, ultimately resulting in 360 Degree (Foundation to Roof) structural protection which will create a well waterproofed, lasting civil structure.

Most Vulnerable Wet Areas

Wet areas are the part of a building that come in contact with water and thus substantially diminishes its life & aesthetics due to leakages and seepages. If not handled well, these areas can cause serious structural damages to your building. Few important wet areas are listed below:

  • Earth filling - soil area, Foundation Area, Basement & Cellars, Retaining Walls,
  • Internal Floor Area
  • External Vertical Walls
  • Kitchens/ Pantries, Work Areas, Toilets and Open Balconies,
  • Open Terraces, Slope Roofs, Terrace Garden Roofs, Flower beds & Planter boxes
  • Swimming Pools & Waterbodies
  • Overhead and Underground RCC Water Tanks
  • Lift Pits

Some advantages of few "Unconventional" Waterproofing we offer:-

  • DPC Waterproofing  - Revolutionary innovative treatment for the protection of RCC members to avoid capillary rise later.
  • External Walls Waterproofing - a) Provides the whole structure a water repelling surface which is free from hairline cracks. b)Eliminates the use of cement primer c)Increases Paint coverage by 15 to 20% d)Reduces paint discoloration e)Increases Paint bonding with the external wall and thus reduces paint peel off and bubbling
  • Existing Leaky Toilets Waterproofing - a) Breakage of existing tiles is not required b) Faster work completion c) Tile joints closed with epoxy/polymeric tile joints
  • Internal Walls Lower Bottom Waterproofing - Waterproofing treatment done for existing and finished structures with damp rise issue(Paint bubbling & flaking in lower portion of the walls due to damp rise from earth below)
  • Watertank Potable Waterpoofing - Protection plastering not required. Application done directly on RCC after waterproofing. Suitable for OH, UG water tanks, water bodies to maintain potable water quality
  • Toilet Screed Waterproofing (Before Tiling) - Waterproofing to protects toilet screed from getting wet in case of water seepage through tile gaps.
  • Toilet Vertical Wall Waterproofing -   Protects toilet vertical walls from getting wet due to water leaks through tile gaps
  • Open Terrace Heat Reflective Waterproofing – Acrylic/PU/Polyurea Waterproofing system which is 100% seamless and waterproof with heat reflective capabilities with high SRI(Sun Refractory Index)
  • Terracotta Tiles Waterproofing - Treated tiles will be water repellent which will reduce formation of algae & fungus.
  • Stone Cladded Wall Waterproofing - Protects stone cladded walls from leaching and getting ugly.

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