Why should "wet areas" of a structure be protected?
Water is a Source of life, without which human life cannot sustain. But for a concrete structure it is one of the most destructive elements. Every concrete structure needs to be protected from the perils of water. We at UniPro recognize this and with our various specialized & unconventional wet area treatments, we help our clients protect their most valuable investments to last a life time

Most Vulnerable Wet Areas
Wet areas are the part of a building that come in contact with water and thus substantially diminishes its life & aesthetics due to leakages and seepages. If not handled well, these areas can cause serious structural damages to your building. Few important wet areas are listed below:

  • Soil, Foundation Areas, Internal Floor Areas
  • External Vertical Walls
  • Work Areas, Toilets
  • Open Balconies, Open Terraces and Slope Roofs
  • Swimming Pools & Water Tanks
  • Lift Pits and all kinds of Decorative Water Bodies

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UniPro Enterprises LLP provides wet area treatments to buildings, provides safe, non-skid floors, green energy to live & world class sporting floors to play!

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